Range Map of Sharks

Quick Facts

Type: Fish

Diet: Carnivore

Average lifespan: 100 years

Size: 18 to 32.8 ft

Weight: Average, 20.6 tons

Shark Types

Quick Facts

Q: Why don’t sharks like fast food?

A: Because they can’t catch it!

Q: What did the shark say to the whale?

A:  What are u blubbering about?

Q: What kind of shark is always gambling?


Q: What is a sharks favorite sci-fi show

A: Shark Trek

Q: What do you get when you cross a parrot with a shark?

A: an animal that talks your head off.

Q: How do you make a shark laugh?

A: Tell a whale of a tale.


    • Baby sharks are called pups


    • Shark skeletons are made of cartilage and not bone, allowing for better flexibility


    • Sharks wounds heal quickly


    • The most dangerous sharks are the Great White Shark, the Hammerhead Shark, the Tiger Shark, the Mako Shark and the Bull Shark


    • The largest sharks tend to be the most harmless, they eat plankton by swimming with their jaws wide open


    • Sharks can feel vibrations in the water due to a line of canals that go from its head to its tail, these canals are filled with sensory cells growing hair, the hair moves when the water vibrates allowing them to quickly locate prey


    • Sharks can smell a drop of blood in 1 million drops of water


    • Sharks never run out of teeth, if they lose one another spins forward from rows and rows of backup teeth


  • A shark may grow and lose 20,000 teeth in its lifetime!