Range Map of Sea Tutrles

Quick Facts

Type: Reptile

Diet: Omnivorous, except the green sea turtle which is herbivorous

Average life span in the wild: Up to 80 years.

Size: Kemp’s Ridley is the smallest sea turtle at 30 inches long (.762m). The largest sea turtle is the leatherback – an adult can reach over six and a half feet long (over 1.8m). Adult female and male sea turtles are the same size.

Weight: Kemp’s Ridley weighs between 80-100lbs. Leatherback can weigh over 2,000 pounds

Sea Turtle Size Comparison
Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Jokes

Q. What did turtle say to the taco?

A. My shell or yours?

Q. What do you get when you cross a turtle with a porcupine?

A. A slow poke!

Q. What did the turtle say to the surfing turtle?

A. You’re turtally wicked!

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtles

    • Are one of the Earth’s most ancient creatures


    • Have been around for 110 million years, since the time of the dinosaurs


    • Can be found in all oceans except for the polar regions


    • Are air breathing reptiles


    • Sea turtles act as grazing animals that cut the grass short and help maintain the health of the sea grass beds


    • There are seven species of sea turtles; the leatherback sea turtle, green sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle, flatback sea turtle and olive ridley sea turtle


    • Most sea turtles undergo long migrations, some as far as 1400 miles, between their feeding grounds and the beaches where they nest


  • Spend most of their lives in the waterTheir heart rate slows to conserve oxygen: nine minutes may elapse between heartbeats.