Range Map of Moose

Quick Facts

Type: Mammal

Diet: Herbivore

Average life span in the wild:
15 to 20 years

Size: Height at shoulder, 5 to 6.5 ft

Weight: 1,800 lbs

Group name: Herd

Did you know?

Bull moose or moose bull is the name given to male moose, the female moose is known as cow moose or moose cow, and their offspring is called as calf or calf moose.


Moose vs Deer


    • are the largest species in the deer family


    • requires 9770 calories per day to maintain its body weight


    • don’t have upper front teeth, but the sharp incisors on the lower jaw, tongue, lips, gums, and six pairs of molars and premolars help in cutting and eating even woody vegetation


    • are ruminant, which means they have four-chambered stomach to regurgitate food and then re-chew it for better digestion


    • roam in small groups in the summer and in the winter they form huge herds


    • can run with a speed of 35 miles per hour


    • can run non-stop for 15 miles


    • can dive up to 20 feet under water and can swim up to 6 miles an hour


    • have bad eyesight


  • have 27 chromosomes. Humans have 23